Denim process


Depending n the fabric type, cheese of the number of strands at the warp direction are put into the creel of a warping machine.
Then whle applying a certain tension, they are rolled around beams and supplied to the sizing process.


Total strand of warp yarn 1SET Prepared Rope Ball is a process that completes dyeing by placing it in a box after washing, refining, indigo dyeing,.washing, and drying.
warp yarn moved to the Re-beaming next process.


ROPE-stated dyed yarn contained in the dyeing box is arrange one roll per comb hole of the Re-beaming machine, and then apply a constant tension to the Beam to prepare for the next process.


Size is applied the warp on the Beam produced from Warping or Hank to Cone Winding process.
(This is to improve weaving by preventing a stack of warp due to abrasion caused by the beating during the Weaving process)


The sized warp is inserted into the Dropper, Head or Reed Hole depending on the fabric structure(plan, twill, satin)


Depending on the fabric structure, the Cam helps the up and down movement of the Heald Frame so that the weft is passed through the shedding, and beating weaves fabric during close shedding.

Fabric Releasing

After wearing of the cut out denim fabrics, they are released from the Cloth Beam for processing.


The fluffs are singed to smoothen the appearance of fabric and make texture clear.


The sizing applied to give strength to warp during weaving is removed after weaving to obtain a soft feel.


When fabric is spread naturally after washing, it is skewed by physical strength.
The fabric is mechanically fixed to prevent the skewing after washing.

Aero Washing

When spandex denim being processed, it makes tumbling and napping effect, for high elastic spandex weft processing and soft-touched feeling.


실켓가공이라고도 하며, NaOH(수산화나트륨)에 원단을 침지시켜 면성분을 팽윤시키며 원단을 수축시켜 실크같은 광택을 부여하고 형태 안정성 및 인장강도를 증진시킬 목적으로 행하는 공정이다.


When spandex denim being processed, it fixes equally the width and enables double width production.

Shring Proofing

To prevent the longitudiant shrinking of fabric by washing, the fabric is shrunk in advanced by rubber and heat.


The fabrics cut out from looms are processed and inspected(denim)

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