Denim is a fabric for jeans which is a twill fabric woven with a warp yarn dyed with Indigo dye and an undyed weft yarn.
The advantage of jeans/blue jackets is that the surface fibers of the areas with high friction are worn outed, and the white parts of the interior are exposed.
It is derived from Serge denimes in southern France and uses the name denim.


Denim originated in Europe in the region of Nimes in southern France from the meaning of Serge de Nimes, Since then, it has become very popular among miners in the eastern United States, and has been called Denim.
It is a fabric woven by intersecting ordinary surface dyeed warp yarn and undyeed weft yarn, and if there is constant friction, the friction area will be worn outed and the bright part of the interior will be exposed to denim’s unique style.

Cotton Denim

We produce denim fabrics of various compositions using RING spun yarns ranging from 5’S to 40’S.

Cotton Span Denim

We provide multiple products with execllent various elasticity using mixed spinning yarn of various counts and core span

Tencel Denim

It is a spun yarn made of eco-friendly natural materials and has excellent soft touch and fresh color.

Functional Denim

We provide functional products differentiated from ordinary denim by combining yarns with heating and cooling functions.